Rebecca Patrascu has a B.A. in Writing from Dominican University 
and an MFA in Poetry from Pacific University. 

Her work has appeared in many print and online journals and anthologies.

She lives in Sonoma County, California. 
You can also read her blog.

"Rebecca Patrascu has a keen vision that illuminates the world and allows us to see what we know is there, but often overlook. Reading her poems makes me feel more alive."
-Ellen Bass 

"Here is a voice, familiar and unpretentious, playfully turning the world inside out."
-Terry Ehret 

"Rebecca Patrascu is the kind of poet you look forward to reading; here work is smart; she knows just where the reader is and delivers her surprise in just the right moment."
-J.P. Dancing Bear 

CONTACT by email : first name last name (no spaces) at g m a i l dot com

Instagram: @beekerpoet